I was given some handmade lotion some time ago and it really helped my dry skin- I seriously am not bred for this arid desert and since I can’t get the hell out of dodge just yet I must make do. This lavender lotion I was given was thick, like a whipped crème and it was amazing! So I have been researching handmade lotions ever since and was shocked by how easy it was.
            So after research and theories I put everything to the test and last night, after making it back early from class, I tried my first batch ever. I went with the beeswax lotion as my first experiment since the other recipe calls for more accurate temperatures in order for the ingredients to properly emulsify.
            I have mixed feelings about this batch. I used simple ingredients for my first experiment and know now that I need to try other carrier oils. I used Beeswax, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Essential Oil (Rose and Lemon) and Vitamin E oil.
Perhaps I should have tried something other than Coconut Oil. The Coconut Oil is described as “This is a great oil for general moisturizing and serves as a protective layer, helping to retain the moisture in your skin. It also acts as a mild oil suitable for those with inflamed and irritated skin, and those with skin sensitivities. Coconut oil is without a doubt, the number one lather-producing agent used in soaps. And is the first choice for most people in the cosmetics and soap industry. 
The Olive Oil is described as “Olive oil is by far the most universal oils used for a multitude of purposes including cosmetics, as a carrier oil, for hair care solutions, and in cooking. It has a rich, full bodied flavor with a strong aroma and is golden brown in color. Has a great conditioning effect in body care recipes and can be used in almost all applications because of its stable nature.
I think I will have to research my carrier oils more thoroughly, and play around with the quantity of oil added to the recipe. This came out a little thick, but with a lot of oil. A little goes a long way, and it takes a while for all the oil to absorb into the skin. And I have extremely dry skin so while my arms feel better, my back and legs are still itchy. I think in a few days it’ll get use to the new lotion and will feel better; but still. I think, as much as I hate Almonds, I might have to get the Sweet Almond oil. Described as “This is one of the most useful, practical, and commonly used oils. It is great for all skin types as an acting emollient and is best known for its ability to soften, soothe, and re-condition the skin. It is truly marvelous as a carrier oil and is equally superb for addition to body care products. Natural expeller pressed oil from raw almond kernels and exceptionally rich in fatty acids.
            It will be best to get a carrier oil with a good absorption rate, like Grapeseed Oil, which doesn’t leave any greasy feeling (8oz $4.47 MRH). Hemp Seed Oil (8.5oz $20 MRH) also absorbs well, Jojoba Oil (8oz $24.25 MRH), Kukui Nut Oil (8oz $7.25 MRH)- this is best found in Hawaii, and my parents are vacationing there currently so I think I’ll email them and ask them to find me a bottle, or two or three.
            Well, whatever. Perhaps tonight I will spoon the lotion into the blender and see what happens then. Also, this weekend I might steal Webby’s little boy Logan and spoil the hell out of him, he’s such a cute kid!! But, more importantly I will procrastinate on homework, again, and try the other handmade lotion recipe
            I read that Avocado Oil yields a thick lotion, but it smells strongly of avocados, of course….
            I LOVE THE INTERNET! Troubleshooting your lotion:
            3. It’s too greasy. There are several possible solutions to this problem. One is to add some tapioca starch with the additives at the end. I’ve tried this, but it wasn’t my favorite solution. Another possibility is to substitute oils that are easier to absorb in your skin, such as sweet almond, apricot kernel, jojoba, macadamia nut, or fractionated coconut oil. As you can see, three out of five of these are nut oils which may pose a problem for people with allergies. Use your own judgment. Another option is to add some IPM (isopropyl miristate). It’s not an all-natural ingredient, but it’s not sensitizing either. It imparts a dry, velvety emollience to products. Try 1-3% as part of your additives.
            That’s fantastic!
            For oily skins (well absorbed):

Grapeseed (very light)
Hazelnut (an astringent)
Jojoba (similar to sebum; really ALL skin types love this)

For normal skins (absorbs well):
almond (light)
apricot (light)

Dry skin oils (sits on skin longer):
Avocodo (very heavy)
Extra Virgin Olive (some normal skin people like this too)
Coconut (too much can be too drying though)
Macademia nut (absorbs pretty well, antiaging/fine lines, similar to sebum)
Rosehip seed aka rose mosqueta (antiaging/fine lines, scars of all kinds)

Hemp seed oil is easy absorbed too.

Another good troubleshooting pointer.
Well, off to practice neuromuscular facilitation. Then shopping, then home, them relocation for the weekend, then sleep. ^__^
Con Affecto.

Beeswax Lotion

Gather all Supplies:
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Vit E oil
Essential oil

Combine wax, coconut and olive oil into jar and place into sauce pan, fill with water, but be sure not to get any water into the jar. Simmer on med heat until all melt, stir occasionally to mix liquids.

Once all melt remove from heat allow to cool. Can be placed in fridge to speed up cooling. Insert fork and mix thoroughly every 15 minutes.

Here one is already all melted and the second jar is in the process of melting.

I fished both these jars while watching Phantom of the Opera, I love that movie. Here are the finished results. Once the mixture has cooled down to room temperature, add the Vit E oil and your essential oil. In the one with the white fork I added only about 20 drops of rose oil and it smells nice. But the other one I wanted lemon scent, since the coconut oil is a strong scent to overpower I had to add a lot of lemon scent! And even then you could still smell the coconut, so that’ll take some tinkering.
Again, finished results were too greasy. Will tinker until I am happy. <3
Also- have a notebook where you write everything down!