So I drank enough last night to loosen my tongue but not too much that I couldn't remember what I talked about. On our way back home I asked Ragazzo what he wanted, because he says he didn't like that woman from the other night at Lowe's who just got into the truck and left the older man to do the heavy lifting. But then again all the women he's dated and been interested in we're the skinny girls who are normally very girly-girl. He explained that he liked the women in the middle- that all his exes use to be in the middle. They would be girly but also wouldn't mind heavy lift and dirty work. But after a time they would change and just want to be girly-girls and not do any work. Even his exwife changed and her father would get after her for it as well. I countered with- well everything and everyone changes, as much as women say they don't want to be apart of the old type gender roles, when they are in long termed committed relationships they normally fall into those roles and become the gender types. He said he knew but he didn't like it. Then went on to say that he doesn't see me doing that. Of course I wouldn't, I grew up with guys, I am one of the guys, I'm a tomboy through and through and I prefer it that way... Mind you I'm saying all of this in a dress and high heels. He pointed out that while I am a tomboy ,don't mind bucking bricks, heavy lifting, getting dirty, I also don't mind dressing up and getting pretty if someone asks. Well that's true enough, but hardly anybody asks it of me. And he also just loves that I ride a motorcycle, that most women are intimated by the power and danger of motorcycles and I not only ride but I tend to ride faster and harder than him. Yeah, my crash kinda proves that, but ah well.

So the retaining wall will be built out of cinder blocks that are 8 x 12 x 16, stacked 4 high to maintain the 32" height so when you sit on it your feet can dangle. Then 28' from the southern wall then 9' west for a total of 113 blocks. Rebar to stabilize, concrete to support, mortar to hold for a grand total of $470. Ouchie. And that doesn't include the toppers or the side veneers.

Gr... Talking to him stone cold sober is sometimes so fucking hard I can't even make a sexual innuendo to it!! Gr.

Con affecto.
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